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custom boat wraps

Want to add personality to your boat without breaking the bank? OceanWraps provides an innovative way to give your boat a facelift. Through the application of marine grade vinyl boat wraps, we can transform the color and look of your boat in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of a repaint!

Custom Boat Wraps not only increase the attractiveness and uniqueness of your boat, they also add protection and can even increase your boat’s value! When applied to your boat, vinyl boat wraps create an extra layer of protection, reducing corrosion and long-term environmental impacts on your boat. This means that your boat will both look great and last longer than with a traditional paint job alone.

Thinking of selling your boat? Increase the value by adding a custom boat wrap in an attractive design or simply update the color. Make an old boat look new again, and increase the value of your boat to help you turn a profit!

Custom Design Wraps

Looking for a unique design for your car or boat? OceanWraps can turn your boat into a fierce creature with giant teeth, make your vehicle disappear with camouflage, or swap it from boring brown to vibrant orange with a high-quality boat wrap. Just looking for a few graphics to add pizzazz or identification? We do that, too!

Whether you are looking for a complete transformation, or simply want a color change, we work with you to determine exactly what your needs are and to create a design that you love. Already have an image that you think would be killer? Excellent! Our software allows us to overlay your image onto a wrap so that you can see how it would look before you make any commitment to buy!

No matter what boat graphics you need, OceanWraps can provide it all:

  • Color Change Wrap
  • Custom Design Wrap
  • Vinyl Graphics -Numbers, Images

Your Complete Wrap Solution

With 2 decades of experience in custom vinyl design and application, OceanWraps can handle the entire process. No need to find a designer, printer, and someone to install your custom wrap, we can easily handle everything needed to make your vehicle look like new!

OceanWraps provides:

  • Custom Wrap Design
  • Quality Wrap Production
  • Guaranteed Installation of your Graphics

We want to make sure that your boat wrap is not only created to your desires, but is long-lasting and durable. Our focus is always on quality and your satisfaction.

No Project is Too Big (or Too Small!)

Here at OceanWraps, we are prepared and able to handle any size project. Our custom wrap design experts are skilled enough to develop an entire interior/exterior vinyl remodel plan for a yacht, or can create something as simple as vinyl lettering for your fishing boat. The choice on how much or how little you want to customize is entirely up to you, we are simply here to help make your dreams become a reality. 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation & Estimate!

Thinking of upgrading your boat with a custom boat wrap design? We would love to talk to you! When you work with OceanWraps, we will provide you with a full consultation for FREE so that you can understand exactly what services we provide, learn about our design, production, and installation processes, and obtain an estimate customized to your specific needs. 

Contact us now at (561) 371-2388 for your Free Consultation with a Custom Wrap Design Expert at OceanWraps! 

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Why Choose OceanWraps for Custom Boat Wraps?

Do you want to spruce up your old boat with a new look? Skip the repainting and call us at OceanWraps for custom vinyl boat wraps. We will transform your boat or yacht into a chic ride in the coastal area. No need for expensive paint jobs!

Our team will use custom boat wraps made of vinyl so the process will be fast without compromising the quality of our work.

When you let OceanWraps revamp your boat’s look, you can on us for the following: 

custom vinyl boat wraps, Paint Protection Film

custom vinyl boat wraps, Paint Protection Film

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Boat Wraps

20+ years of experience

We have been transforming boats for more than two decades now. With our experience, we guarantee that our custom boat wraps are tried and tested. Our installers are trained and seasoned so you will have peace of mind that your boat is in good hands.

One-stop custom wrap shop

From designing, production, and installation, we at OceanWraps will handle everything. We don’t outsource our custom vinyl boat wraps. To ensure that each piece meets our standards, we have our in-house graphic designers and installers to do the job.

Big and small projects are welcome

For us, both small and big projects are priorities. We know that each boat has its story and being part of its new look is a big privilege. Regardless if it’s a small speed boat or a large yacht, we got you covered with the same precision and attention to details.

Certified wrap installer

OceanWraps is an ORAFOL-certified vehicle wrap installer. We have certifications from HEXIS, WRAPPER MAPPER, Masters of Branding, 3M Preferred, and CWI. With all these, you can count on us to deliver quality at all times.

Contact us now at (561) 371-2388 for your Free Consultation with a Custom Wrap Design Expert at OceanWraps! 

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Custom Boat Wraps Can Make Your Boat Unique

Why spend good money on expensive custom boat wraps if you can get the same quality for a lower price? Here at OceanWraps, we make exterior and interior boat refinishing affordable for all avid sailors. Our tried and tested wraps will make your boat unique the way you want it.

Full control of the design

With us, you have full control over the design, color, and overall look of your custom boat wraps. Do you want to put shark teeth on the front? Do you want an interior boat refinishing with animal prints? We can make it happen here in OceanWraps. No other boat will have the same design as yours. Our designers will work with you to achieve this.

Wraps that look like a million dollars

Your boat will be the envy of others! Our design looks expensive, but cost a fraction of the price. Aside from making your boat wraps unique, we will work within your budget to meet you halfway.

No more repainting needed

Why pay for costly repainting every time your boat's finishing gets faded? Our custom vinyl wraps are better alternatives. You will achieve more quality but without the hassle of waiting for the paint to dry up. If you change your mind, our wraps are reversible and it will cause zero damage to your boat.

Long-lasting than expensive options

Unlike paint, our vinyl versions are more resistant fade-resistant. Also, it doesn't chip easily. If you choose a solid color, your wrap will be more fade-resistant. For a low price, that's more than what you'd expect from a custom boat wrap.

Interior boat wraps

Interior boat wraps