Any Boat Wraps in Atlanta?

Heading to Atlanta Today! Check out our future skintac and bodyfence classes! Offered bi monthly!

Learn and grow while our certified Hexis trainers give you tips, tricks and specific techniques in working with our Bodyfence paint protection film and skintac color-change vinyl.

Call us Today if you are looking for a boat wrap class! 561-371-2388


Can you wrap any boat?

More or less, yes! We can apply vinyl to painted hulls (topcoat or undercoat), gelcoats and aluminium boats, provided the surfaces are sound.

Can you wrap under boats?

No, unfortunately we cannot wrap under the boat. Boats should be bottom painted if necessary. Hexis is working on a clear product for under boats! We are super excited for the launch and will let you know when it is in stock!


Horizon Boat Wrap